03.2007: week 4

Lesson learned: when you run out of dishwasher tabs, don't use the soap from the kitchen sink. Apparently my uncle and a friend from college learned the same lesson.


03.2007: week 3

I'll follow up last week's post with another from New Orleans. After working with the trustees Thursday morning, we spent the afternoon and evening in the city. It's about an hour drive from Port Sulphur into the city. On the way in, we stopped in the now infamous Ninth Ward. Two of the guys had worked there last year and wanted to see the progress. Most of the homes have been completely torn down and carried away, leaving behind front steps and foundations. The Army Corps of Engineers has erected a new floodwall along the Intracoastal Waterway. We got out and walked around the neighborhood a bit, and Josh (left) and Bryan took in all that had changed.


03.2007: week 2

This week we were in Port Sulphur, Louisiana for Spring Break. It was a good trip and we got a lot of work done, and it was good to see progress from my trip down there in December.

Thursday morning Pastor Martin from Grace Harbour came up to Port Sulphur Baptist, where we had been working all week, and asked if we had a few people to spare for a couple hours to help move pallets of food. Each week they receive two shipments from Second Harvest New Orleans, each containing 20 tons of food (40,000 pounds). Martin said that they had the trustees down there working. Silly me, I thought he meant the older men and women of the church. What he meant was the Plaquemines Parish Inmate Work Force. Here's our picture with the guys.

Side note: I thought about cropping the picture, but I decided not to: the wall in the background and the trim around the door is part of what we did the last time I was in Port Sulphur.


03.2007: week 1

Well, I made it a few weeks... We're back on track now, although I think I'll back-date a picture and make the flashback be the last week of February. Cause this week there's a great picture.

Jacob and Joanne had a baby boy on Monday, named Adam. Cute little kid, Jacob says he's gonna be a linebacker (Joanne's not so sure about that one!). I stopped by the hospital and got to hold him for a couple minutes, which was pretty cool.