06.2008: week 3

What would you do if you returned home and found your house for sale? Hey, it happens!

Apparently the realtor, or his "for sale sign" installation expert, got dyslexia or amnesia or something -- and turned a "6" into an "8." All's well that ends well: the realtor sent in a $50 gift card for a nice dinner out.


06.2008: week 2

the city of brotherly love. this sign coming off the Ben Franklin Bridge from Camden, New Jersey instructs drivers to a split in the road. we encounter forks in the road all the time. to do or not to do. do this: love.


06.2008: week 1

this stretch of East Camden near Federal Street and Baird Avenue is predominantly Latino. camden, New Jersey is the poorest city in the country. new Jersey is the richest state in the country. when you only have a dollar left, McDonald’s wants it.

more pictures from Camden. and more from Camden next week.