07.2007: week 4

I spent last weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a friend's youth group as their worship leader, and then travelled with them to Greenville, North Carolina where they worked with the Hispanic Ministry of the South Roanoke Baptist Association at The Memorial Baptist Church. The church was devastated by an arson fire in January of this year, and parts of the building are still under construction. Here's one of the students making up name tags for the kids.


07.2007: week 3

Friday night was a great evening at the ballpark for my brother's church softball game. The coach's daughter decided late in the 2nd game that she was thirsty:


07.2007: week 2

Well, we've got more new ones this week. Maybe we'll get to the flashback next week... Great sunsets this past few weeks, just unbelievable. And a fabulous marketing slogan I've seen twice in the past few weeks, originally on the Eastern Shore, and this time in Southside Virginia.


07.2007: week 1

Welcome to suburbia, home of...bambi??


07.2007: week 1

Forget flashbacks -- we've got a good new picture this week! And next week. Kings Fest 2007 at Kings Dominion, featuring TobyMac, Casting Crowns. And the always amazing David Crowder Band, featuring the infamous keytar and a modified Guitar Hero guitar. Pure sweetness. Here's TobyMac and Casting Crowns on stage: