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10.2008: week 2

Nothing like a weekend on the mountain with 600+ middle schoolers! It's one of my favorite weekends of the year, and this time around I had my group of 29. Fun times!


09.2008: week 2

Good time for a flashback. The little bro is heading off to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise, so I present to you one of my favorite pictures ever. This was from our early morning sunrise trip to VA Beach in '04. It was so early, the driver fell asleep on the way home. Talk about scary!


09.2008: week 1

Well, the Hokies lost. Apparently ECU has found themselves a legitimate I-A, eh-hem, FBS team. Good luck to them the rest of the way.

Here's a few sights from the first week of college football action: kickoff return (top to bottom), team huddle and the Hokies last TD of the game by Darren Evans (32).


08.2008: week 4

Finishing up the wedding pictures this week. These are some of the fun ones from our unofficial photographer, one of the groomsmen.

Clockwise from top left: me and the flower girl bustin' a move (she's not really as tall as me!); me and some of the wedding party singing along to something; me and my bro, the best man (or just our shoes); the conga line.


08.2008: week 3

On a warm, summer day in July, the day we had been waiting so long for had finally arrived: the wedding day.

Coming up next week: more fun wedding pictures.


08.2008: week 2

After a six-week hiatus, I imagine it's time to return.

Catching up on lost time: back in March, the POTW was my little brother's 18th birthday. Now, just a few short months later, he graduated from high school.

Next week: back in the swing of things, catching up with some pictures from the reason for this hiatus.


06.2008: week 4

I spoke last week at Impact Virginia!, a youth construction mission camp. We were in Bluefield, Virginia and had about 250 students and leaders from across Virginia. One of the staffers snapped this shot during Thursday night's message.


06.2008: week 3

What would you do if you returned home and found your house for sale? Hey, it happens!

Apparently the realtor, or his "for sale sign" installation expert, got dyslexia or amnesia or something -- and turned a "6" into an "8." All's well that ends well: the realtor sent in a $50 gift card for a nice dinner out.


06.2008: week 2

the city of brotherly love. this sign coming off the Ben Franklin Bridge from Camden, New Jersey instructs drivers to a split in the road. we encounter forks in the road all the time. to do or not to do. do this: love.


06.2008: week 1

this stretch of East Camden near Federal Street and Baird Avenue is predominantly Latino. camden, New Jersey is the poorest city in the country. new Jersey is the richest state in the country. when you only have a dollar left, McDonald’s wants it.

more pictures from Camden. and more from Camden next week.


05.2008: week 4

Memorial Day Weekend brings out this gentleman across the street every year to put his flags in the ground around his yard. A nice tribute...



04.2008: week 3

Here's Chicago...from top to bottom:

1] Wrigley Field. The Cubbies beat the Pirates 13-6
2] Climbed up the Hancock Tower on Monday. This is the view of the tower from the bottom
3] Skyline of Chicago from the Navy Pier


04.2008: week 2

A couple shots from Belle Isle this week:


04.2008: week 1

Flashback to my last week on staff with Impact Virginia. I sorted through all of those pictures this weekend, and found this one of our crew. The guy on my right, "Big Willie," has been a good friend for a long time. The guy on my left, as it turns out, is in one of my seminary classes now. Hadn't seen him since the week this picture was taken in 2004, and there he is. Small world, huh?


03.2008: week 3

The Spiders played in the very first game of the College Basketball Invitational against the Cavaliers of the University of Virginia. Unfortunately, three men in white and black stripes helped the Cavs win. It's a darn shame, but when you play in the not NCAA, not NIT postseason tournament, you should expect your referees to perform on a similar level. They played a good game, and the JPJ Arena in Charlottesville is a really nice venue to watch basketball in.


03.2008: week 2

I took the long route to Roanoke this weekend, down the Blue Ridge Parkway about 100 miles. It was a great drive, even if it took almost twice as long as usual, and got my mileage up to almost 40 MPG. Sweet!! These are two shots from along the Parkway.


03.2008: week 1

It's official: I'm getting old. My little brother is 18 now. He is still "littler" than me, although maybe not for long. Happy Birthday bro!


02.2007: week 4

I spent this past weekend doing a youth retreat in Mechanicsville and snapped a couple pictures: the worship leaders with a couple of the students and the students playing ultimate frisbee in the freezing cold on Saturday.


02.2007: week 3

It was pretty windy around here a couple weeks ago, and that started forest fires all over the state. This one (below) burned a couple thousand acres on the side of a mountain in Roanoke, just across the interstate from Kim's house, and was still burning almost a week after it started.

02.2008: week 2

February 10th marked the first of two monumental events on my calendar in 2008. My home church ordained me in a service Sunday afternoon. It was a great time to see friends, family, teachers, baseball coaches, former pastors. Dr. Burhans (left), Chaplain Emeritus at the University of Richmond, spoke during the service. And Norman got a family shot to make up for the camera issues we had at the beach...

And now you can call me Reverend Lee. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


01.2007: week 4

Two out of four to start the year? Well, stuff happens. Mostly, I haven't taken any pictures this month...that is, until today.

Little bro's senior capstone presentation was today. His high school has 46 countries represented in its student population, and he thought it was time that the rest of the school knew a little bit more about these students and their native cultures. After a few student speakers and a representative from the county schools' office, students processed to the stage with each of the 46 flags which will now be displayed at the school. The auditorium was packed -- over 900 students and teachers. Here's the principal, ESL program director and counselor, bro and each of the speakers with the flags. Good work bro!


01.2008: week 2

Already missed the first week of the year -- woo-hoo! I scraped around the bottom of the barrel and just didn't have anything to put up. So here goes:

Glad to know their pastor cleans himself...and it was popular, they had to have part 2!