03.2008: week 3

The Spiders played in the very first game of the College Basketball Invitational against the Cavaliers of the University of Virginia. Unfortunately, three men in white and black stripes helped the Cavs win. It's a darn shame, but when you play in the not NCAA, not NIT postseason tournament, you should expect your referees to perform on a similar level. They played a good game, and the JPJ Arena in Charlottesville is a really nice venue to watch basketball in.


03.2008: week 2

I took the long route to Roanoke this weekend, down the Blue Ridge Parkway about 100 miles. It was a great drive, even if it took almost twice as long as usual, and got my mileage up to almost 40 MPG. Sweet!! These are two shots from along the Parkway.


03.2008: week 1

It's official: I'm getting old. My little brother is 18 now. He is still "littler" than me, although maybe not for long. Happy Birthday bro!