12.2007: week 4

Spent Christmas Day in 3 cities, driving about 600 miles in 48 hours or so. This was in Charlottesville with the extended family. Merry days after Christmas!

And so the Photo of the Week blog comes to the end of its 1st year. Out of 52 weeks, we published 47. Some of them were make-ups for missing too many weeks, but it worked and it was a blast to tell the stories behind some of these pictures. Now it's time to set out into year 2. Lots happened last year, and more is coming this year. Hop on for a great ride. Happy New Year!


12.2007: week 3

For some reason, I never got to put up our engagement pictures on this blog. The slideshow made it onto rvaYM. So here you go, a selection of photos taken by our professional photographer. Ah-hem, aka the best man, my brother (not really professional...yet).


12.2007: week 2

You mean it's not Tony Danza?!

Originally published online at Crummy Church Signs. You can buy Joel's book of Crummy Church Signs online Here


12.2007: week 1

It is hard to believe that December is here, and at the same time it's hard to believe it's just now December. It seems like an eternity since Thanksgiving, and still 25 days until Christmas. We pulled out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, so here's a glimpse of the front of the house.

Merry Christmas!