06.2007: week 4

I've spent a lot of time with Impact Virginia!, and this week was #23. I was exhausted heading into the week, but a good crew of students always helps to get you re-energized. We replaced a roof and installed new gutters, and made a few other fixes to help them live more comfortably. This week's pic: the "Jars of Tar" crew:


06.2007: week 3

All good things must come to an end? Sunday was the end of an era at New Bethesda. Randy resigned to spend more time with his family and explore other opportunities, and said goodbye to our church. Thus the end of the first church staff I served on.


06.2007: week 2.1

A glimpse of the future? Perhaps. Kim's cousin had her baby, Karter, tonight. Fun times.


06:2007: week 2

Richmond's latest trend in weather: thunderstorms. Sure, it's that time of the year. But everyday? We've had some great ones lately. Here's what tonight's looked like:


06:2007: week 1

Seven years ago I traveled to Austria. We spent a few days in Vienna, then ventured to a rural farm halfway between Vienna and Salzburg. There we helped with the summer youth camp run by Austrian Baptists called "Jesus Camp." During one of the first evenings, I started to talk to Honnes. He followed me around the rest of the week at the camp, and we became good friends. Only one problem: he spoke very little English, and I was far from fluent in German. Communication was a struggle, but we shared two loves: God. And baseball. Honnes had never played baseball, but he learned that week. It was a fun experience. I've grown up just a little bit since then. And I wish I knew how Honnes was doing.