02.2007: week 4

I spent this past weekend doing a youth retreat in Mechanicsville and snapped a couple pictures: the worship leaders with a couple of the students and the students playing ultimate frisbee in the freezing cold on Saturday.


02.2007: week 3

It was pretty windy around here a couple weeks ago, and that started forest fires all over the state. This one (below) burned a couple thousand acres on the side of a mountain in Roanoke, just across the interstate from Kim's house, and was still burning almost a week after it started.

02.2008: week 2

February 10th marked the first of two monumental events on my calendar in 2008. My home church ordained me in a service Sunday afternoon. It was a great time to see friends, family, teachers, baseball coaches, former pastors. Dr. Burhans (left), Chaplain Emeritus at the University of Richmond, spoke during the service. And Norman got a family shot to make up for the camera issues we had at the beach...

And now you can call me Reverend Lee. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.