11.2007: week 4

It's about time for a flashback. Basketball season's starting, so we'll go back to March 2005.

The Spiders women's basketball team traveled to Hartford, Connecticut for the first round of the NCAA Tournament and played Florida State at UConn. The game didn't turn out so well, but it was a fun trip! This was from right before tip-off.


11.2007: week 2

Monday was Veteran's Day (observed), so I found it fitting to take a pit stop at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. I have passed it nearly every trip to Roanoke for the past year, and finally got to stop. It is a very nice memorial in a great location with more yet to come.

Thanks Karl.

11.2007: week 3

I took family pictures for some friends at Hotel Roanoke. Virginia Tech was getting ready to play Miami that afternoon, but hadn't left the hotel yet. We ran into Coach Beamer while we were walking through the hotel, and the boys were pretty excited. It must have been good luck, cause the Hokies won that afternoon!


11.2007: week 1

I had a birthday -- back in January -- and one of my presents was a helicopter ride over Richmond. I reserved the flight in a timely manner, or 9 months later, and flew this week. Here's Richmond from the air: