04.2007: week 1

What a great way to celebrate Holy Week. This is always one of my favorite times of the year--I think because it's all of the family and food, and good times of worship, without the "holiday cheer" and gifts and craziness of Christmas. As Lisa said this morning, "Happy Good Friday" to one and all [yeah, I know. I thought it sounded strange too].

Back in the summer of '03, I was working for a week with a mission project in Martinsville, Virginia. One night after worship, we headed back to the hotel and Ash decided she wanted to stop off and have her picture taken here. For some reason the crazy people in Martinsville think they have a monopoly on Christ. I've never heard anyone mention this before -- you'd think it would be breaking news around the world. But the secret's out. Now you know, the Body of Christ is in Martinsville, Virginia.

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