05.2007: week 2

Flashback: I've showed this picture off a couple times in the past few weeks, so here goes.

In 2003, I was on staff at camp. We started our 2nd week of the summer on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and the first day, Ash (from last month's "Body of Christ" picture) and I got to know the ER staff at the hospital real well. First, a guy got something in his eye. I don't remember the second injury. While we stayed with "eye boy", another kid was brought in. He and a girl had a tug-of-war over a hammer, and he stepped backwards onto a board. That still had a nail in it. Fast-forward to Friday. The last day of camp, we were ready to start packing up and head out to our 3rd week of camp. I decided to take a break and play basketball with some of the kids. I landed awkwardly on one kid's foot, rolled my ankle and it immediately swelled up really bad. We went back to the ER, and the lady at the front desk said, "Now what are you doing here??" Here it is, what beautiful colors...

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